Take A Chance

Perfection is a myth. There is nothing on earth that is perfect. So why do we let perfection rule our lives? 

I used to and still am a perfectionist. I never do anything wihout being at least 65% sure that I have the knowledge and skills to do it. It is tough. 

Through my experience, I realized that mistakes are supposed to be made sometimes. That is how we learn right from wrong. Trust me, I wish I had made more mistakes in the past. 

Being afraid of mistakes can often rob me of many opportunities. I wouldn’t take that offer to sing on atage because I may make a fool of myself or maybe write that one story because no one will like it. 

Therefore, I made it a point to try. I lowered that percentage to about 35% these days. It has done me well. I have broadened my horizons and done things that I thought I would fail at. 

The trick is to accepting that mistakes are not there to hurt you. Mistakes are the best teachers you could ever ask for. So go out there and take a chance! 


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