Love First

As Christians, we sometimes feel as though we are “less sinful” than others. Believe me, I have been through that. But now, I know that we are all sinful regardless. We have lost the message that God has sent to us. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

That love is unconditional love. When God said to love, there were no conditions. They did not have believe in the same things as us. They did not have to be only Christians. There were no requirements.

Today in church, I looked around. There were many people. But I still felt that there were people who are meant to be at church who were not. Those are the so called “sinners.”
Why were they not in church? Maybe they felt as though they were not holy enough.

Remember when Jesus dined with the bad and naughty? Shouldn’t we follow in his example? Jesus showed us how to love. We just need to follow.

Sometimes, love does not mean telling people that they are wrong. It could be just sharing a meal, being a friend, taking them in for a night etc. All that is love. God will do the rest.

So go out there and just love. If God can love them, so can you.


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