Take Your Time

We either don’t want change or want it now. There is usually no in between.

For me, I wanted to go from “stay at home and rot” to “party all night” in one day.  Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Everything takes time, especially when it comes to behavior and habits.

Last night, I was all like “tomorrow, I am going to explore the city and yada yada yada…” Then this morning, I was like “Sun, go back home, you drunk.” It was hard. Fortunately, I had a way to trick myself into wanting to go out.

Drum roll please!! Makeup! I know, it is crazy but hear me out. I put on a full face of makeup. That way, it would be such a waste if I don’t go out. See, mind-blown!

Tomorrow will be another day and the challenge will be easier. The first step is always the hardest.

The truth is, change is not easy, especially when the you know it will take more effort. But another truth is, you wanted this change because it is better. That is what you need to focus on.

Try baby steps. Make sure the change is not drastic. Find real reasons to want the change. Take a break whenever you need. This is life, not a competition. Take your time and have fun!


Music To My Ears

It seems that the one thing that was missing recently was music. I remember my days in Brickfields, KL, when I would walk to college. For about 10 minutes, I would be walking with earphones in my ear.

Today, I decided to do just that, go out and explore with my earphones in my ears. Ah, all the memories came back, hitting me like a truck!

Big Bang, one of my favorite K-pop bands had me going today. I almost danced! After that, I had some nice fried chicken. Although, KFC is not as good without chili sauce. Bummer, but the walk home made it all better.

That is the beauty of music. It brings back good memories. Sometimes, that is all we need at that time. Happiness is not supposed to be that permanent. That is why we have an array of emotions.

Tomorrow’s challenge for everyone! Find a song that brings back good memories and just bask in the happiness that it brings. You are most welcome!

Home Sweet Home

When I boarded the flight a year and a half ago, I knew that it would be a long time before I would be able to come home. My estimate would have been about three years. That is a very long time to be away from home.
For as long as I can remember, all I wanted was to study in the USA and work here. That is right. My dream was to leave my home and build a new one somewhere else. Now, I wish I had appreciated my home more.
Don’t get me wrong! USA is great! The people are nice, weather great and  opportunities bountiful. However, home is still home. As I write this, I am reminded of home.
The one thing I miss the most is the food. There is only so much of “Western food” that one can eat. Back home, I do not remember a time where I was bored of the food. Just the other day, I was dreaming about having “durian.”
As Chinese New Year approaches, I feel more homesick. I have missed two Christmases, six birthdays, and one Chinese New Year. I was so excited to have my very first White Christmas. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I did not need snow, I needed my family.
Being alone in Chicago and having no luck with jobs has made me more homesick than ever. I am somewhat conflicted. Life here is good, especially if I could get a job. But life back home would not be so bad.
Right now, I am at a crossroad. Both paths are great and leads to happiness. What I have now is time. Life can be scary but hope is every present. At this crossroad, I am hopeful that whatever God has planned for me will lead to happiness.

Be Grateful!

Taking things for granted is something that we do too often. We look at what we do not have instead of looking at what we have. But today, let us all be grateful for the many things that we do have.

Be grateful for a roof over your head, the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the bed you sleep on. Think of it, there are many others out there that do not have the things that you take granted off.

Today, I was disappointed that I did not get a call from any of the jobs that I applied for. I was just moping inside. I was not happy. But then, I realized that there are so many things that I should be grateful for.

I am grateful that I have a room to stay in. I have clothes to keep me warm. I have food to keep me full. Another thing I am grateful for is life. As I am turning 24 tomorrow, I am grateful that I have lived this long.

Being grateful makes us humble and opens our eyes to the more important things in life like happiness, kindness and love. Take time to be grateful and life will seem better.

Eating Like a Boss

Eating healthy is not easy. It is the third day of the new year and I already feel like swallowing a bowl of ramen. Correction, I actually purchased some ramen on Amazon. But those are like special ones for special occasions. I promise.

But that is the beauty of life. There has to be a little bad between the good. The yin to the yang. Night to the day. You do not have to eat healthy all the time. Sometimes, a good bowl or ramen or a packet of Hot Flaming Cheetos (my personal favorite) is good for the soul.

We can get caught up with doing this so perfectly that we forget that life is about both perfection and imperfection. Once we understand that, we are able let go and live life to the fullest and not count every calorie that we take in.

Life is short. Embrace every moment. That being said, once my ramen arrives, I shall reward myself.

Do You

We hear this very often. “You do you girl!” What does that really mean? “Do what you want but make sure it is somewhat acceptable to our group of friends?” “Do what you want and we will never judge you?”

There is where everything becomes a blur. We never know how our actions will be perceived by others. So why care? You do you! I mean it!

Okay, let’s be real for a second. When I mean “do you,” it does not mean you can do anything that is illegal or harming. One must always abide by the laws of the land. Other than that, go crazy. Dye your hair pink and green, buy that ugly sweater, eat that weird food etc.

A true friend will be there for you no matter what happens. By being you, you are able to weed out the bad ones and keep the good ones close to you. Kill two birds with one stone.

To all my beautiful readers, do you and be happy! Start the New Year with the real you! Happy New Year!!


Appreciate Others

You know that giddy feeling you get when someone compliments your good works? Yes, that is very important. Everyone should feel that from time to time. Working hard and not seeing your work being appreciated really does feel terrible.

We don’t have to give everyone an award for doing their job well. Sometimes, all it takes is a small token of appreciation. You could give them a pat on the back accompanied by “Good Job!” or maybe a cup of coffee. There are many ways in which you could appreciate someone.

I know that too much compliments may lead someone to think they are invincible. But no compliments at all will lead to despair and disappointments.

A comment or two may be just what the person needs to go on with their hard work on that day. These little encouragements will get them through their hardest days. It is a wonder how small encouragements moves people to accomplish great things.

So, go out there and be generous with your appreciation of others. Appreciation is very contagious, much like kindness.  Who knows, it may come around back to you.

Take A Chance

Perfection is a myth. There is nothing on earth that is perfect. So why do we let perfection rule our lives? 

I used to and still am a perfectionist. I never do anything wihout being at least 65% sure that I have the knowledge and skills to do it. It is tough. 

Through my experience, I realized that mistakes are supposed to be made sometimes. That is how we learn right from wrong. Trust me, I wish I had made more mistakes in the past. 

Being afraid of mistakes can often rob me of many opportunities. I wouldn’t take that offer to sing on atage because I may make a fool of myself or maybe write that one story because no one will like it. 

Therefore, I made it a point to try. I lowered that percentage to about 35% these days. It has done me well. I have broadened my horizons and done things that I thought I would fail at. 

The trick is to accepting that mistakes are not there to hurt you. Mistakes are the best teachers you could ever ask for. So go out there and take a chance! 

I Choose To Have Fun Today!

Sometimes I just want to fast forward life until the point where I am stable. That means a good job, a nice little (or huge) apartment, a pet and good nights sleep. Unfortunately, technology has not got there yet (for now). Therefore, I would have to get there just like everyone else.

The journey can sometimes seem very long and dry. The exciting times would fly by so fast but the boring ones feel like 100 years. So what do I do? Have fun!

If fun times fly by so fast, then I would have fun all the time. That ensures that time would fly by fast all the time. Then, when I get to the good parts (the future), all I need to do is just pause (someone please invent that feature!)

It is hard to make non-fun times fun. But there is a way. I usually just choose to have fun. I choose to meet new people, I choose to love what I do and I choose to put the element of fun in everything.

People say I am a happy all the time and look like I am having fun all the time. Truth is, I make that choice every morning when I get up. Repeat after me: “I choose to have fun today!” Make it a habit and it’ll stick to you. Good Luck!

Do you like yourself?

Would you be friends with you? 
If you met yourself on a subway or a park, would you say hi? What would be your first impression of you? Would you like yourself? 
These are questions that I ask myself quite often. I sit down and imagine all these scenarios. It helps me evaluate myself better. 
Once I find a part of myself that I do not like, I will try to change it. For example, I do not like that I always look down whenever I am outside. If I were to meet myself, I would think that I was unfriendly. 
So, I started to change that habit. I constantly reminded myself to look forward. Soon enough, it becomes a habit. 
Now, this is only if you want to. Listen to yourself. Be very sure of what you want or do not what. That, is how happiness is achieved.