Food For The Soul

Food is important. We all understand that. Without food, we die. Game over. However, the body is not the only one that needs food. Our soul needs food too. Now, just like the human body, food is a rather personal thing but here are a few that we might already know and love.

Laughter is the one food that most souls would need and want. It is like dark chocolate, sweet and bitter. The perfect combination of both. Maybe that is why we cry when we laugh. The overflowing of joy.

Peace is another type of food the soul needs but often push away. Ask yourself this, when was the last time you spent time alone with yourself? We take so much time learning about others that we often neglect ourselves.

Wonder. To be amazed is something that we do not get enough these days. When was the last time you were awed by something? Now that is a different emotion all together. It is like watching fireworks with your mouth open!

The soul is a curious thing. It is not a “one size fits all.” Take time to dig deep into yourself. There, you will find out what your soul needs.


Appreciate Others

You know that giddy feeling you get when someone compliments your good works? Yes, that is very important. Everyone should feel that from time to time. Working hard and not seeing your work being appreciated really does feel terrible.

We don’t have to give everyone an award for doing their job well. Sometimes, all it takes is a small token of appreciation. You could give them a pat on the back accompanied by “Good Job!” or maybe a cup of coffee. There are many ways in which you could appreciate someone.

I know that too much compliments may lead someone to think they are invincible. But no compliments at all will lead to despair and disappointments.

A comment or two may be just what the person needs to go on with their hard work on that day. These little encouragements will get them through their hardest days. It is a wonder how small encouragements moves people to accomplish great things.

So, go out there and be generous with your appreciation of others. Appreciation is very contagious, much like kindness.  Who knows, it may come around back to you.

Perfect Imperfections

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? I don’t mean the 5 second “look, fix hair and run.” I mean the one where you take at least 10-15 minutes and look at yourself in the mirror.

It would be amazing if you can do this with your birthday suit on. Stand in front of a full length mirror (if you have one) and take a good look at your body. Touching, pinching, and caressing are optional.

Take the time to properly understand your body. Count how many moles you have, find out where your birthmark is, and feel how soft your skin is. You will be surprised at what you learn.

Give your body some love. Tell your body how much you love it. Say it out loud! “I love my thunder thighs because they are strong!” “I love my tummy rolls because they keep me warm!” “I love my big arms because they are quick to give lots of hugs!” Feel free to change them according to your own needs.

Do that as often as you need too. It is not too late to give yourself some love. Love is free, therefore, use it as much as you want to.

Fake It Till You Make It! 

It is no surprise that I am overweight. I have been since puberty happened. Puberty was supposed to give me fat on my chest but apparently it got the wrong memo and deposited fat everywhere. 

Therefore, my self-esteem has not been the greatest since then. It hurts when people keep insulting me about my fat situation. Yes, that included family, which hurt most. 

One day, I decided that I needed to change something. My self-esteem needed a makeover. I needed to learn how to love myself, even if others do not. 

It was very hard at first. Imagine it being hard looking at myself in the mirror, what more to love myself. But somehow, I figured out a way. Fake it till you make it! 

I figured that if I faked it long enough for it to be a habit, it will eventually work. So, I did a couple of things. 

I started posting pictures of myself that I thought were “unpretty!” Next, I started believing and accepting compliments from people instead of the usual “aww, no I am not.” Lastly, I wore clothes that I loved instead of ones that people made me wear to cover up my fats. 

It took a long time before I started to believe that I was worth it. It is not easy, some days I wake up and feel worthless and ugly. But that is the point. This is a journey of self-love. It is a journey that I will encourage all to take. 

Beauty Without Rules

The world says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The world will also tell you that you are ugly if you do not meet these requirements. So basically, the world is a liar whose pants is probably on fire. 

Ever since I became a woman at that tender age of nine, the world has been telling me many things. “My fat arms need to be hidden, my pimples concealed, my butt flattened etc.” 

It took a long time before I finally saw the beauty in myself. My arms may be fat, but they have carried my friends and family through tough times. My pimples may be ugly, but they remind me that hormones exist and it is a good thing. My butt is huge; at least falling isn’t so painful anymore. 

After I have seen the beauty in myself, it opened my eyes to the beauty in others. It changed my whole perception on beauty. Beauty is not a “one size fits all.” Beauty is so much more. 

Shaming others because they are not beautiful in your eyes is just unkind and mean. Keep your comments to yourself because they are hurtful to others. I am pretty sure someone’s “uglyness” will never affect you in any way. 

So keep shinning like the beautiful diamond that you are! Let no one tell you that you are not beautiful! 


We can all be heroes. We do not need superpowes or capes or weapons. We only need to make better choices. 

Smile more and be kind. We underestimate the power of our acts of kindness. To us, it may be nothing, but to some, it may change their lives. 

Keep our environment clean and safe. That way, the future generations will be able to live in a clean and safe world. 

Love one another. We are all different, but that does not justify bullying others. We ought to set aside our differences to make the world a better place. 


Reading is probably my favorite thing to do (besides sleeping). It isn’t just about the story, it is about being someone else and experiencing something else. 

Reading Harry Potter made me feel like a true witch. I can do anything if I put my mind to it! 

Reading The Fault In Our Stars made me believe in true love. Love is not about how long but how much. 

Reading All The Bright Places helped me understand how depression changes a person. You can’t just “snap out of it.” 

Reading is living and the more you live, the more you experience. So read more and live greater. 


When was the last time that you really laughed? I don’t mean a small chuckle or a giggle. I mean a full laugh where your stomach clenches and your hands start slapping everything around you. Do you remember what made you laugh?

For me, I laugh the most when I am stressed. A small thing will tickle me and I end up on the floor laughing for minutes. That is the sign that I should probably de-stress. But those are often the best laughs.

What about the time you made someone else laugh? It doesn’t matter if it was something you said or did. What matters most is the impact on the person laughing. That is why laughing and making others laugh is so important.

Laughing helps build relationships and bonds. That is why my daily goal is to at least make one person laugh because I have come to realize how important laughter is. You may not need but someone else might. So go out there and laugh like you have never laughed before.

Words That Hurt

Words hurt the most sometimes.

If I had a choice to either endure physical or emotional pain, I would choose physical pain. See, the thing about physical pain is that they can go away easily. Pop a painkiller and all the pain will just vanish. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with emotional pain. There is no pill or immediate cure to that. Nothing can erase the word has been said to you.

Words. Words have caused more pain that other forms of abuse. “Freak,” “Retarded,” and “Stupid” are some of examples of words used to hurt others. If you think that they did not hear, then you are wrong. We all hear it from others, even family.

Yes, we all know the phrase “Let it go!” But the truth is, not everyday is a day to let it go. Why should I suffer because you are mean? Maybe today is the day where I come at you and tell you how mean you are. It is not to hurt you, but to make you aware of your words and how much hurt they have caused.

Choose your words carefully. Say it to yourself before you say it to others. If it offends you, it would probably offend the other person too. To the ones who are hurting, that word does not define you, it defines the person who said it.