Appreciate Others

You know that giddy feeling you get when someone compliments your good works? Yes, that is very important. Everyone should feel that from time to time. Working hard and not seeing your work being appreciated really does feel terrible.

We don’t have to give everyone an award for doing their job well. Sometimes, all it takes is a small token of appreciation. You could give them a pat on the back accompanied by “Good Job!” or maybe a cup of coffee. There are many ways in which you could appreciate someone.

I know that too much compliments may lead someone to think they are invincible. But no compliments at all will lead to despair and disappointments.

A comment or two may be just what the person needs to go on with their hard work on that day. These little encouragements will get them through their hardest days. It is a wonder how small encouragements moves people to accomplish great things.

So, go out there and be generous with your appreciation of others. Appreciation is very contagious, much like kindness.  Who knows, it may come around back to you.


Explore All Possiblities

We were always told to stick to what we know. What if I told you that was not the case? We can all try new things. If we are lucky, we might find what we love. If not, then we can still keep trying.

I recently started writing fan-fiction. To those who don’t know what it is, it is basically making up stories using characters that already exists. It was something new for me. I was very excited. Then I came to find that people loved it.

Another thing is blogging. I have been blogging everyday for a while now. Having people read my blogs makes me feel happy. This is how I give back to the community. I feel that I am making a change.

Now, I am excited for the future. I am excited to try many other things. Exploring my passions is something I would love to do. So, get out there and who knows, you may find something that you love to do!

Try it!

There were many things I wished I could do. I could only dream of riding a roller coaster and have fun like others. However, me doing it for real is a one way ticket to the hospital (motion sickness).

However, there are other more doable things that I have tried. I tried filming makeup looks. That was fun. I enjoyed showing the world how I do my makeup. It was something that was new to me.

I also tried blogging everyday. I feel that everyone could use some motivation. So, here is where I share some little things that I have learnt everyday. This is my way of inspiring the world and making it a better place.

So go out there and do the one or many things that you have always wanted. Trying out something new is always good as long as it does not harm or injure you.

Take A Chance

Perfection is a myth. There is nothing on earth that is perfect. So why do we let perfection rule our lives? 

I used to and still am a perfectionist. I never do anything wihout being at least 65% sure that I have the knowledge and skills to do it. It is tough. 

Through my experience, I realized that mistakes are supposed to be made sometimes. That is how we learn right from wrong. Trust me, I wish I had made more mistakes in the past. 

Being afraid of mistakes can often rob me of many opportunities. I wouldn’t take that offer to sing on atage because I may make a fool of myself or maybe write that one story because no one will like it. 

Therefore, I made it a point to try. I lowered that percentage to about 35% these days. It has done me well. I have broadened my horizons and done things that I thought I would fail at. 

The trick is to accepting that mistakes are not there to hurt you. Mistakes are the best teachers you could ever ask for. So go out there and take a chance! 

One Foot At A Time

Walking up a hill is tiring. At some point, your muscles will start to hurt. Usually, that is when we all stop and rest. 

What if I told you, that the best way to relief the pain, is to keep going? Continuing your joirney would mean that you will reach the top faster than you would if you rested. 

Which is better? Temporary relief or permanent relief? Though some would choose the temporary one (including me), it would be wiser and better to chose the latter. 

How do you do that? One foot in front of the other. Keep your eyes fixed on the prize. Keep your legs moving, like clockwork. That way, you will be able to make it to the top! 

I Choose To Have Fun Today!

Sometimes I just want to fast forward life until the point where I am stable. That means a good job, a nice little (or huge) apartment, a pet and good nights sleep. Unfortunately, technology has not got there yet (for now). Therefore, I would have to get there just like everyone else.

The journey can sometimes seem very long and dry. The exciting times would fly by so fast but the boring ones feel like 100 years. So what do I do? Have fun!

If fun times fly by so fast, then I would have fun all the time. That ensures that time would fly by fast all the time. Then, when I get to the good parts (the future), all I need to do is just pause (someone please invent that feature!)

It is hard to make non-fun times fun. But there is a way. I usually just choose to have fun. I choose to meet new people, I choose to love what I do and I choose to put the element of fun in everything.

People say I am a happy all the time and look like I am having fun all the time. Truth is, I make that choice every morning when I get up. Repeat after me: “I choose to have fun today!” Make it a habit and it’ll stick to you. Good Luck!

Look Back and Smile

Regrets are the worst things in the world. A life full of regrets is worst than death. Therefore, whenever you are faced with a decision, ask yourself this. “Would you look back and smile?”

Living life with no regrets is hard. We can’t see the future, therefore, we wouldn’t know if we would regret it or not. So here are a few ways to help you decide. 

First, is this a once in a lifetime opportunity? If yes, then maybe you should grab it because who knows, you may never get that chance again. 

Second, have you done it before? If not, you could try it. That way, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to do it anymore. 

Lastly, are there advantages? If the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, then you might want to think twice. If not, why not give it a go? 

The last thing we want is to have all these regrets when we are old. So, go out there and live life with no regrets!