Do You

We hear this very often. “You do you girl!” What does that really mean? “Do what you want but make sure it is somewhat acceptable to our group of friends?” “Do what you want and we will never judge you?”

There is where everything becomes a blur. We never know how our actions will be perceived by others. So why care? You do you! I mean it!

Okay, let’s be real for a second. When I mean “do you,” it does not mean you can do anything that is illegal or harming. One must always abide by the laws of the land. Other than that, go crazy. Dye your hair pink and green, buy that ugly sweater, eat that weird food etc.

A true friend will be there for you no matter what happens. By being you, you are able to weed out the bad ones and keep the good ones close to you. Kill two birds with one stone.

To all my beautiful readers, do you and be happy! Start the New Year with the real you! Happy New Year!!



That Time Again


Knock knock! It is the New Year!

Specifically, 2018. Gosh, how time flies when you are having fun or not having fun. We can’t always have fun. Who said that? Life. But what we can do is hope.

2017 was amazing! There was snow, lots of it and then it was hot, like really really hot. There was friends, family and fun. Flew across America twice! I saw the Grand Canyons and cried a little. I studied hard, worked even harder. It was almost perfect. Here’s hoping 2018 would be better!

Hope is what I am bringing into 2018. No more “I want” or “I should” and more of “I must.” “I must” just makes it all very unavoidable, doesn’t it?

So here is a list of “I must” that I have compiled.

  • I must write

Writing has been a passion of mine ever since I could remember. Writing for me is like talking, but with more freedom. I can’t talk about how I would love these two characters from two different fictional worlds to get together and fight evil out in public without sounding like a lunatic. However, I can write them out.

  • I must cook

I love cooking. I just don’t like people watching me cook. The pressure is unbearable. Cooking for me is therapeutic. I just am in the zone when I cook. If you disagree, it means you have seen me cook. In which case, read the second line from this paragraph again. After years of watching my father and aunt cook, I am convinced that the genes have indeed been passed down to me.

  • I must exercise

I already regret writing that down. Honestly, if there is a a way for me to remain healthy without exercise, I would do it. Exercise is probably one of the things I avoid like that spider up on the wall. “It does not exist, it is not there!” But hey, I am another year older. So, time to suck it up (literally), and get my a** to the gym or yoga mat!

  • I must “get out there”

I know, that was cheating. “Get out there” can mean many things really. For me, it is about being brave and having the courage to do things that I would not do in a million years. For example, watch that horror movie and have nightmares for a week, go for a sports game, learn a sport etc.

*opens the door* Hello, 2018! Come in, I have been expecting you!

Love First

As Christians, we sometimes feel as though we are “less sinful” than others. Believe me, I have been through that. But now, I know that we are all sinful regardless. We have lost the message that God has sent to us. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

That love is unconditional love. When God said to love, there were no conditions. They did not have believe in the same things as us. They did not have to be only Christians. There were no requirements.

Today in church, I looked around. There were many people. But I still felt that there were people who are meant to be at church who were not. Those are the so called “sinners.”
Why were they not in church? Maybe they felt as though they were not holy enough.

Remember when Jesus dined with the bad and naughty? Shouldn’t we follow in his example? Jesus showed us how to love. We just need to follow.

Sometimes, love does not mean telling people that they are wrong. It could be just sharing a meal, being a friend, taking them in for a night etc. All that is love. God will do the rest.

So go out there and just love. If God can love them, so can you.

Try it!

There were many things I wished I could do. I could only dream of riding a roller coaster and have fun like others. However, me doing it for real is a one way ticket to the hospital (motion sickness).

However, there are other more doable things that I have tried. I tried filming makeup looks. That was fun. I enjoyed showing the world how I do my makeup. It was something that was new to me.

I also tried blogging everyday. I feel that everyone could use some motivation. So, here is where I share some little things that I have learnt everyday. This is my way of inspiring the world and making it a better place.

So go out there and do the one or many things that you have always wanted. Trying out something new is always good as long as it does not harm or injure you.


I was flying today, again. No, not the superhero flying but the airplane flying. Now, for someone who overthinks like me, flying is rather stressful. 

So, the best way to help and cope with it is to change my mindset. That way, flying is still scary but it wont bother me that much anymore. 

Think positive! If you think the plane will crash, you won’t have a good time. So, think that the plane will fly smoothly and land beautifully. Repeat it like a mantra. That is what I call positive thinking. 

You will be amazed how thinking can chamge how you feel and act. Positive thinking will get you good vibes all day! 

Like A Child

Have we lost our imagination? Or did we just grow up? 

Sometimes I wonder how different the world will be if we all thought about things like children. What would change? 

Maybe making friends would be easier. Politics would not exist, of course. Love would be unconditional love. We would have peace. 

The world would be so much simpler in that way. Sometimes, we need think like a child. The solution to a problem may be staring at you. 

Mind Over Matter

One of my favorite pastime is daydreaming. Usually it is about how I would like the future to be. Other times, I am a warrior in a different universe fighting aliens. But, I am here to talk about the one about the future.

Envisioning the future is often seen as “counting your chickens before they hatch.” I see it as “being optimistic.”

Envisioning the future makes me aware of how much work I have to put in now to achieve the vision. It is like seeing your goal in 3D (with as many details as you would like).

Now, not all of my visions have come true. Although, some of it has. For example, I have been dreaming of coming to The United States of America for a long time. Finally, it happened.

Dreaming is about putting your mind there before your body. That way, your body won’t be far behind. Your mind will be leading your body towards your goal.

However, be careful. Sometimes, the mind can trick you into thinking that what is not real, is. So, exercise caution. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Use this to prepare yourself for the future and not to escape reality.

I Am NOT Sorry!

When people tell me that I should not dress a certain way, my instinct is to ask them “who said?” Unfortunately, it does seem a little disrespectful to some. So, I nod my head,  give a fake smile and walk away. Make no mistake, I definitely shouted it in my head for whoever in my head to hear.

The only exception to this is when there is a dress code. That is when I would gladly follow the rules, whatever they may be. The best is when I get to dress up for a special occasions.

But on a daily basis, I do have many people who come to me specifically to tell me how to dress myself. Sometimes, it does make me self-concious but other times, I wonder how my dressing affects them to the point that they have to give me a lecture about dressing.

I am NOT sorry that my exposed arms are making you uncomfortable. I am NOT sorry that my “fat” legs are making you angry (your eyes should be up here!) I am also NOT sorry that my belly rolls are making you feel like you need to leave the room. I am not sorry.

This is my body and only I have the right to choose what to wear. I won’t tell you how to dress no matter how badly your choices of clothing are. Until my dressing is a threat to your health and safety, keep your opinions to yourself.

To everyone else who struggle with this, you should not be sorry. You have every right to dress yourself however you want to! Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot wear. It is your body!


How are You Feeling Today?

How are you feeling today?

That is the one question we do not ask ourselves enough. We are so concerned about how everyone is feeling that we have neglected how we feel. So, ask yourselves now. How am I feeling today?

Do you feel happy? Are you quite sad today? Maybe you are feeling a little anxious or nervous. What about anger? Some might feel a little empty, it happens. But that is the whole idea, to figure out how we are feeling. It is never just “fine, thank you.”

Now that you know how you are feeling, it is time to either do it celebrate or heal yourself. If you are feeling at the top of the world, then celebrate! This means you got everything going on for you which is amazing! Go out and treat yourself, laugh and be happier.

For others, it is time to heal. Find what is the root of your emotions. It may be a relationship, death, circumstances etc. Next, if you can fix it, go ahead and fix it. If you can’t fix what happened, then think about letting it go and choosing happiness.

Nobody likes to feel angry, sad, and anxious all the time, especially about something they can’t change. So, take a deep breath and say, “I choose to be happy today!” It is not easy, trust me but with practice, it will be easier.


Just Turn Away

Just turn away…

Everyday, we encounter at least one thing that gets us real mad. It may happen right when you wake up or before you go to bed. There were days when I was sporting a frown the whole day because something happened right when I woke up. A whole 24 hours gone, because of that ten seconds.

What I have learned throughout my short but long life is to just turn away. We can’t control all the nasty things that happen to us, but we can control how we react to them. Do we let that small matter ruin our day or do we turn away and enjoy what is ahead?

One good trick is to take long deep breaths when we are angry. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat for as long as it takes for you to calm down. The trick is to stop the anger from spreading.

Once you are calm, think about what happened. Ask yourself this question. Is is worth it that I should spend the whole day being angry? If your answer is “no,” then turn away from it.

Once you learn to turn away from anger or whatever it is that is ruining your day, you will realize that life has so much more to offer when you are not burning with anger 24/7. Furthermore, the people around you would also benefit from your cheerfulness!

Remember, life is too short to not enjoy every moment! Cheers!