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I Choose To Have Fun Today!

Sometimes I just want to fast forward life until the point where I am stable. That means a good job, a nice little (or huge) apartment, a pet and good nights sleep. Unfortunately, technology has not got there yet (for now). Therefore, I would have to get there just like everyone else. The journey can… Continue reading I Choose To Have Fun Today!

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Do you like yourself?

Would you be friends with you?  If you met yourself on a subway or a park, would you say hi? What would be your first impression of you? Would you like yourself?  These are questions that I ask myself quite often. I sit down and imagine all these scenarios. It helps me evaluate myself better. … Continue reading Do you like yourself?

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Fake It Till You Make It! 

It is no surprise that I am overweight. I have been since puberty happened. Puberty was supposed to give me fat on my chest but apparently it got the wrong memo and deposited fat everywhere.  Therefore, my self-esteem has not been the greatest since then. It hurts when people keep insulting me about my fat… Continue reading Fake It Till You Make It!